San Francisco: Sandwiches

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good sandwich. In a city of foodies, I tend to be more of a traditionalist when it comes to sandwiches: No matter where I go, I always get the same thing: Turkey on Dutch Crunch with avocado - no tomatoes, and no peppers, but I will add cranberry if the deli offers it. I usually go to the same places: Submarine Center, Ike's, or New College Hill Market.

Yesterday I found myself craving a sandwich but was tired of my usual, go-to spots. Rather than turn to Yelp, I turned to Instagram where I asked my followers for their recommendations for a good sandwich in San Francisco. The response was absolutely overwhelming: Over 650 recommendations were received (thank you!) - I compiled all of the recommendations here for your culinary pleasure. (There is a map below with a pin for each of most recommended sandwiches - Green were the winners, orange are the runners up, and yellow were the honorable mentions).

While I wish I could list them all (There are over 60 delis recommended), there were a few places that kept being recommended over and over. Before I give the list, I should mention that I have absolutely NO affiliation with these businesses whatsoever - none. The other irony is that I've only been to six of the delis listed below.

So without further adieu, in terms of sheer number of votes and recommendations, the winners are (in alphabetical order):

Gold Medal (Represented in green on the map)

Silver Medal (Represented in orange on the map)

Bronze Medal (Represented in yellow on the map)

For what it's worth, Roxie's received the most recommendations. I went there yesterday and got my usual. Let me know your thoughts on your favorite sandwich in San Francisco!